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Frequently Asked Questions

  • #1 - Is it my imagination or do all lawyers seem to lie in court?

    Great Question, and yes unfortunately it does appear that in order to “get ahead” in todays legal system you have to bend the truth.

  • #2 - Does the court care about perjury for anyone that is not a baseball star?

    Unfortunately no the court if you remember, is simply a lawyer wearing a robe so we would refer you back to question #1.

  • #3 - Can I get sued for sharing with the Internet that my lawyer is not honorable?

    Absolutely Not! Our website is based in Sweden and in Sweden there are no slander laws no defamation laws. So post away!!

  • #4 - Is it true to become a Guardian ad Litem to decide which parent gets to see their child is a 16 hour 2 day course at the local Holiday Inn?

    Yes this is sadly the case. The movie Divorce Corp which can be viewed on Netflix or amazon prime peels back the lies and shows the truth about our country’s legal system.

  • #5 - Does it seem odd that there are 47 different websites for reviewing Doctors yet none for reviewing lawyers?

    It appears that whenever someone starts a website like this one they immediately get sued by 4,000 lawyers. So refer back to question #3

  • #6 - • Why is it that when you file a complaint against a lawyer it gets reviewed by another lawyer?

    Really? This is a shock to you?

  • #7 - When will there be oversight for the attorneys in this country by impartial people?

    Now you’re asking the right question.