Here's how it works

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1. you report a lawyer

The process starts by you encountering a bad lawyer so you report the lawyer.

2. The lawyer gets an email from us

We send out an email telling the lawyer they've been reported on our site.

3. the lawyer wants to be removed from the site

The lawyer will realize he can only be removed from BadLawyer if you choose to remove him. To do this the lawyer has to settle the issue with you.

4. issue resolved

You now have the lawyer helping you again with what you need and you can now delete the report from our site. Simple as that!

Ready to report?

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It couldn't be any simpler getting your lawyer back

Reporting a lawyer on our site gives you instant satisfaction in sharing with the Internet the issue that you encountered with your Bad Lawyer. The best part is we don’t allow lawyers the option to pay to remove a bad listing. Only you can remove your listing.

"It took a simple notification from BadLawyer being sent to my former attorney and just like that he responded to my request after ignoring me for 2 weeks. Love this website."

EW Stevens - 7/13/16